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Thank you for the chance to earn your business. Here you will find all of our available bounce house rental items. Simply find the bounce house that you are looking for, put in the dates of your reservation to ensure availability, and then follow our secure and convenient online reservation system to book your rental! It’s really that simple. Florida Bounce Party will be at your location bright and early the day of your reservation to deliver and setup your rental.

Important Info

Delivery of Items - Our rentals always include delivery and pickup. Our delivery schedule is based on orders for the weekend and the most optimal route. We begin our deliveries at 7am the day of your order and our pickups are the following day after 5pm. We always pickup in the same order items were delivered. Any special requirements or requests require a 72 hour prior notice.

*Our service area is North Sarasota, Manatee, and South Hillsborough County. If you are more than 30 miles from Palmetto, FL, you may be charged a $75 delivery fee automatically. We reserve the right to cancel your order and process a refund, minus fees, if we cannot service you.*

Cancellation - We offer a limited cancellation policy. We will determine on a case by case basis if the appropriate action is to cancel and refund an order or offer a reschedule. *Holiday Cancellation* If you make a reservation during a holiday weekend you will not receive a refund, regardless of circumstance.

Why Bounce House?

Renting an inflatable bounce house can be an incredibly fun and worthwhile experience for both children and adults. Here are several compelling reasons to consider renting one:

Exciting Entertainment: Inflatable bounce houses offer hours of non-stop entertainment. They provide a safe and enjoyable environment for kids to jump, bounce, and play to their heart’s content. The sheer joy and laughter that come from bouncing around in an inflatable castle are priceless.

Active and Healthy Fun: In today’s digital age, it’s increasingly important to encourage physical activity and outdoor play. Bounce houses provide a fantastic way to engage children in active play. Jumping, climbing, and sliding in a bounce house can help improve balance, coordination, and overall physical fitness.

Social Interaction: Bounce houses are a social magnet, attracting children of all ages. Renting one for a birthday party, family gathering, or community event will bring kids together and promote social interaction. It’s an excellent opportunity for children to make new friends, bond, and create lasting memories.

Safe and Secure: Inflatable bounce houses are designed with safety as a top priority. They are constructed with durable materials, have reinforced seams, and are equipped with safety features like netted walls and padded floors. Florida Bounce Party uses the highest grade commercial equipment to ensure a safe, fun, and happy environment for our customers.

Variety of Themes and Sizes: Bounce houses, and bounce slide combos, come in a wide range of themes, including princess castles, superhero adventures, childhood icons. You can choose a theme that matches the occasion or the interests of your children. Additionally, bounce houses and combinations are available in various sizes, accommodating both small backyard gatherings and large events.

Easy Setup and Convenience: Renting an inflatable bounce house is a hassle-free process. Florida Bounce Party takes care of delivery, setup, and takedown. We will ensure that the bounce house, or bounce slide combo, is properly inflated, anchored, and ready for use. You can focus on enjoying the event without worrying about the logistics.

Cost-Effective: Renting a bounce house is a cost-effective option compared to buying one outright. Purchasing an inflatable bounce house can be expensive, and it requires storage space and maintenance. Renting allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a bounce house experience without the long-term commitment.

Memorable Parties: Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a neighborhood gathering, or a special event, renting an inflatable bounce house adds an extra element of excitement. It transforms an ordinary party into an extraordinary one, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

Renting an inflatable bounce house offers numerous advantages, from promoting physical activity to fostering social connections and creating unforgettable experiences. So go ahead, jump on board and give your kids a bouncing good time!

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If you are having trouble finding the piece of equipment that you want or need and would like one of our expert staff members to reach out to you, please, submit a contact request and we will be with you as quickly as possible to help you with your reservation.

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Florida Bounce Party would like to thank all of our loyal customers. However, it is with deep regret that we have decided to close for an indefinite amount of time. We recommend all of our Volusia County Customers contact "The Jumpy Place".